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This was my first English piano. Most of them are on the East Coast, but some have made their way across the country to the midwest or western US. The primary difference between them and the US piano is their very unusual action... the hammer mechanism and all the lifters and dampers. Tuners call these Bird Cage actions, because they have an extra set of wires in the front that make it look like a cage. US piano builders never used that design as far as I know. This piano came from a family in Traverse City, MI.... and they got it from someone else, who told them that this piano had been a practice instrument for many years at the Interlochen Academy for the Arts ( a local institution that's pretty well known as one of the best year round arts high schools and summer camps. Josh Grobin, Jewel, and Nora Jones are alumni, so it's conceivable that they may have touched those keys at some time) As you can see... it's a John Spencer 47120